Drama Script & Appreciation Essay: Grace by D. M. Larson

The first time I read it, I was immediately interested by the storyline of the drama Grace by D.M Larson. The story is light and delivered by the narrator in a simple style. Larson added narration as a setting of events, so that I could clearly imagine what was happening and what the characters were doing.

The story begins with a narration that describes the atmosphere in the room with a heartbreaking event “(INT. Dimly Lit Room. Night. A noose hangs with a large shadow cast on the wall. Cut to a chair tumbling over)”. Based on this narration, I guess someone tried to commit suicide by hanging himself. But suddenly a woman came to him and be his life saver in the story. “Don’t worry. I’m here. You’ll be okay.” Grace said. This is where the story begins, since Grace came, there is a conflict between characters.

Grace, a woman who is brave, loving, and optimistic comes to save the person she loves. She kept asking Jude how his life was going, till he decided to end his life. “You couldn’t see very well.  I tried to give you light, but you couldn’t see. You only think you are.” Grace said. “I’m blind, and what would I see? Pain? Suffering?” Jude asked. “Love?” Grace asked back. “There’s no love anymore.” Jude answered. In this dialogue, we can know that Jude is someone who is frustrated, sad, weak, selfish, and feels hopeless.

In the middle of Grace and Jude’s conversation, suddenly a woman in black came from behind Grace and asked “What are you doing? He’s mine now”. Her name is Bez. I realized after a few pages in length that Bez was someone who was evil, arrogant, spiteful, and hateful. Bez is the antagonist in this story. Bez thinks that Jude is hers, Jude surrenders himself to Bez and will do anything even willing to be hurt until deciding to commit suicide.

Grace is still negotiating with Jude not to commit suicide. She will help Jude in any way. Here, we can see that Grace is struggling to keep someone she loves from being hurt. “I won’t let her hurt you,” Grace said. But Jude, with his weak condition, he still wants to continue his plan. “It’s too late. Some things can’t be fixed. Some things need to be thrown away”, Jude answer. “(He moves away from her toward the chair… Jude breaks away. Darkness.)”.

The story continues with a debate between Grace and Bez (who is coming again). “He’s mine!  He gave his soul to me and he’s mine! He struck a deal. End of story. He loved me too. He still does. Stupid man. I’m killing him but he keeps coming back to me.” Bez insisted that Grace give Jude to her. After the debate, Grace allows Bez will injure Jude with his blade to strike. But she can’t do that. “Take him. Take him and go. Now!” The drama was closed by Bez tells Grace to take Jude away and save him. I felt sorry for the character Jude, he was very weak and hopeless. But I respect for the character Grace, she dares to sacrifice by facing danger to save her loved ones.

This story has a Gynocentric point of view. The narrator creates characters that show femininity, such as gentleness, love, kindness, and courage that are featured in the main character, Grace.

The function of dialogue in a drama performance is very important to show the character, show up to enrich the plot, create conflict between characters, present the facts needed to build drama and interaction between characters, help the cast and director in disguising or constructing scenes, as well as connecting between scene with another scene.

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