Drama Appreciation Essay: The Fire by D. M. Larson

When I first read it, I liked the storyline of the drama The Fire by D.M. Larson. The story is light but difficult to guess and delivered by the narrator with a simple style. But I think, this story is a bit long-winded because of the many “less important” debates between the characters. Larson added narration as a setting of events such as movements between characters, so that I could clearly imagine what was happening and what the characters were doing.

The story begins with a narration that describes the atmosphere of the night when people are asleep and someone who enters the place “(On stage are several cots with people sleeping on them. Tande enters cautiously among the sleeping people. He reaches about center and is distracted by a sudden loud snore behind him. This causes him to run into a cot)”. Then there was a small commotion between characters because they felt disturbed by the entry of Tande (the lost person with only an address and no memory of anything else) to the place. “Who that? What’s with knockin’ my bed?” Sleeper said. “Quiet!” Shouter answered by shouting. Instantly I felt that the characters between the players would be very opposite.

The debate continues and small battles occur between male characters. But I realized after a few pages in length not all of characters are bad, there is 1 character that is opposite to other characters. “(Terry goes to Tande) Hi, there.” Terry greeted Tande kindly. Ya, her name is Terry, the only character who helps Tande, the main character.

They were very surprised when Tande showed something, “I was told to come here. At least, I think so. (Takes out paper) Here’s the address.” Tande said. It’s normal if they really know what that place really is. “That’s a bad place. Only Sleeper goes there.” Downer said. I think only Sleeper’s character knows what that bad place is. At this point, the narrator does not tell us exactly about the place, he only shows a few clues that the place is indeed dangerous.

“I don’t understand any of this. What is this stupid address? I don’t want to go, but what else can I do? There’s nothing behind me. There’s nothing here. The only thing I have is this address.”. I felt how the character of Tande was confused between having to leave or not because he already knew that the place was dangerous. This is normal when faced with difficult choices. He had to go there but did not want to harm himself. “Sleeper would go anyway. It’s his job. You may as well go with him.” Terry convinced Tande to go with Sleeper anyway, that he had no choice. He has to go anyway.

The drama was closed by Tande follows Sleeper to go to the bad place. Terry watches sadly as if he knew that Tande would not return. I felt sorry for the character Tande. he didn’t know anything but faced with a difficult choice, still, he had no choice.

Read the drama script here.

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